Rolls Royce is a luxury car that offers comfort and convenience. These days, rental companies are giving options to book a rental Rolls Royce for any of your special occasions. Whether you want to ride Rolls Ryce or want to book it for any special occasion, you can do it by visiting a trusted rental car company. However, one crucial question that everyone wants to know is How much to rent a Rolls Royce? Well, the cost of rental Rolls Royce gets influenced due to several factors such as car model, fuel, rental location, and so on.

Let’s read this blog to know more about the rental cost of Rolls Royce:

Factors that affect the rental price of Rolls Royce

The cost of renting a Rolls Royce is a bit on the higher side and this is because of its luxurious feature. One thing to keep in mind is that the rental cost of the Rolls Royce will sometimes increase or decrease depending on some vital factors. Here are these factors that impact the rental cost of Rolls Royce:

Car type or model

Rolls Royce comes in different models and their rental prices will vary. If you are choosing any higher or top model for renting then its cost be higher. Similarly, the rental price of the entry-level Rolls Royce will be lower as compared to the top models. This is why the selection of the car’s model simply affects the car rental.

Rental location

Another factor that will impact the rental cost of the Rolls Royce is the location from where pick up and drop off will be done. When you book a rental car such as a Rolls Royce from locations such as the airport then you’ll have to pay the higher rental cost. Too high or too low traffic areas impact the overall rental cost of the car. So, it is advised to choose an airport off-location for renting Rolls Royce.

The peak or a festive time of the year

The demand for Rolls Royce or other rental cars increases during peak times, holidays, festive seasons, and weekends. During these times, there will be a higher demand for rental cars as a result of which you might have to pay increased rental costs.

Average rental cost for renting Rolls Royce

The average cost of renting a Rolls Royce for a day is approximately around $1,200. But, this is not the fixed rental cost of the Rolls Royce. The price might go up depending on the type of Rolls Royce and the rental company. For the Rolls Royce Wraith model, you might have to pay higher rental costs around $1,500 per day along with a security deposit.

As discussed above, there are other factors also that will impact the overall rental price of the Rolls Royce. So, one needs to keep these factors into consideration while renting Rolls Royce.

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Crucial tips to save on Rolls Royce rental cost

Start booking in advance

The last-minute booking can be problematic for you as you’ll have to pay a higher price for renting Rolls Royce. If your travel plan is ready then make sure to book the rental car also. Booking a rental car at the last minute will only cost you a higher rental price.

Look for different rental companies

To get better deals and save some money, you need to search for different websites of rental companies. With this, you’ll be able to find out about the pricing, deal, and last-minute offers. Now, you just need to compare a few websites that are offering the best deals to you.

Book on weekdays

If you want to save some money on your Rolls Royce rental cost then you need to book it for weekdays. There will be a difference in the rental cost of the car for weekdays and weekends. This mainly happens because of the increased demand for rental cars. So, plan your travel during weekdays to save rental money.

Ask for offers and discounts

Visit different rental companies and ask for the deals and offers that are currently available to them. By applying these offers, you’ll be able to get some discounts and good rental deals.


The rental cost of Rolls Royce will depend on the model that you choose and many other factors, Keeping all these factors in mind will help you save some money on the rental deals. Overall, this blog will let you know how much to rent a Rolls Royce.